A Vegan’s Guide to Japan

It was August at the peak of summer and the sun was shining. The cicadas were proudly singing and there were dragonflies gracefully flying around me. I could feel a light, momentary breeze in the air, warmed by the sunrise. Summer here smelt and felt strangely familiar. My skin was tingling and telling me that this was a special place. Welcome to Japan.

Japan is a fascinating place for many westerners. Its rich culture, musical language and interesting lifestyle will make you fall in love with this country and it’s as easy to lose yourself in a busy neon shiny street as it is in its countryside. The big question I had was how easy is it to find good vegan food in a place so well known for its seafood? I was about to find out.

Please follow this link to read the full article which has been published in the Vegan Food & Living magazine:


Let me know what you thought of the article and if there’s any other vegan restaurants you’ve been to in Japan that you’d like to share with me in the comments below 🙂


Sofia x

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