What I tried at the November Vegan Nights London

Following the whopping success of their first editions, Vegan Nights London came back on November 1st. After being on my London vegan bucket list for some time, I finally was able to tick it off my list. I read many great reviews of the even but it was time to finally venture to this vegan event in London.

The event has outdoors and indoors areas, with food stalls, lifestyle stalls and a disco! Following their Instagram account was very handy as you could find some last minute information and very helpful tips.

The event has a glorious environment, with great food, drinks, music and a lot of familiar faces from the vegan scene. There were a lot of food options (30+ stalls), so I would recommend going with a hungry buddy or two so you can share various options and try as many different vegan alternatives as possible.

Vegan Nights London

Vegan Nights London

If you keep an eye on Vegan Nights London Instagram account they’ll share the ticket links where you can buy your ticket via EventBright. Tickets cost £7.

Doors opened at 5pm but we arrived about one hour later. There were some people already there but it wasn’t crowded which was helpful to have a look around, check all the stalls and various rooms. I also noticed there were some large queues later at night so I would advise going in early.

I was impressed with the size of the event with all its variety of foods, different rooms and so many people trying vegan food for (at least) one night. One thing that made me uncomfortable was the cold November weather at the outside stalls but with so many people it wouldn’t be easy to find a venue with enough space for everyone in Brick Lane. I can’t wait to visit in spring/ summer time and experience the event with warmer temperature and daylight.

The food

Biff’s Jack Shack

Biff’s Jack Shack

Vegan Nights London

You can usually find Biff’s Jack Shack in Shoreditch’s Boxpark or at the KERB Gherkin market. Their vegan burgers and wings are made with jackfruit and they look and taste much better than chicken, in my opinion. At Vegan Nights, they had a stand dedicated exclusively to their jackfruit wings. I tried the Burb wings, with bourbon blended sticky BBQ sauce and spring onions. The wings have a similar texture to chicken wings but much lighter. The bourbon BBQ spice gives it a very interesting taste, the best way to start our eating adventure.

The Green Grill

The Green Grill

Vegan Nights London

If there’s one vegan food I’m usually curious about is the “hot dog”. I wasn’t the biggest fan before going vegan but I’ve been trying delicious plant-based ones. My favourite so far? The Green Grill! The V-Dawg comes in a black-coloured bun, with a delicious vegan sausage and incredible sauces on top. I definitely recommend trying this fantastic vegan version (and very well named) V-Dawg next time you’re at Vegan Nights.


Battered vegan fish and chips

Vegan Nights London

I know most vegans are excited about the vish and chips. And you should be; it’s a bold move to make a vegan-option look like one of Britain’s most famous foods. However, fair warning, it tastes like fish. I don’t know if it’s the seaweed used to look like fish skin or the ingredients they use for the vegan fish, but it caught me a little off guard and I personally felt awkward (to say the least) as it really felt I was eating fish. Wether you like to try vegan options that taste like meat and fish or not, you should try this at least once in your life. At Vegan Nights London’s vish and chips is from Battered. Mind blowing!

Lele’s London

Lele’s LondonVegan Nights London

Looking at the sweet stalls was difficult as there were tasty looking vegan cookies and brownies everywhere! Once I glanced Lele’s stall it was like love at first sight. The cakes looked incredible and the peanut butter brownies caught my eye. I must say that, apart from great presentation, these were delicious: soft and incredibly light, the flavour of the slightly melted peanut butter and was in perfect synergy with the sweetness of the chocolate. Highly recommend!


Vegan Nights London Vegan Nights London Vegan Nights London Vegan Nights London

I missed some of the stalls as my appetite couldn’t keep up with all the food. Some of the stalls I wished I had the chance to visit were: the Oatly stall, which was giving away free vegan cookies, Moving Mountains vegan burger and the amazing Phung Kay vegan battered shrimp.

Despite the hype, I found that Vegan Nights London is a food event every local vegan should try going to and that definitely warmed me up in a chilly November evening.

The next Vegan Nights London event was at the House of Vegan 150 Brick Lane, launching this weekend, on the 1st and 2nd December from 11am to 9pm (Saturday) and 11am to 7pm (Sunday). Find out more here.

Have you also been to one of the Vegan Nights London events? Let me know your thoughts of it in the comment section below as well as your favourite food stall ☺️


Sofia x

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