Vegan Travel: Is Vienna Vegan-Friendly?

As you know, when I visit a new city I like to write about how vegan-friendly it is and how easy it is to find good vegan food there. I tend to write right after visiting, but I noticed I haven’t yet talked about this beautiful, green city.

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If there is an European city I found the greatest love for recently it is Vienna. A city I initially had no high expectations to find great vegan food or places to take my breath away… boy, did I change my mind!

Vegan breakfast made at the Airbnb

Vienna is known worldwide for its major cultural influence and remarkable architecture, truly and rightly so. From majestic museums to colourful buildings, Vienna stole my heart and filled me with joy, culture and… amazing vegan food.

At some level, I felt right at home. Vienna in the Spring has a “Lisbon vibe” I came to admire and, by choosing to stay at an Airbnb, the literally more at home I felt. Staying in an apartment, cooking my own breakfast and enjoying it while looking at the city from the window above made it possible to experience Vienna like I lived there.

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Once I started doing my research on vegan food and restaurants in Vienna, I instantly felt I had judged the city way too quickly. From vegan ice creams stands, to Italian food and all you can eat restaurants, the vegan food in Vienna is sensational and creative – which fits right with the city’s vibe and cultural lifestyle.

Belvedere Palace

Supermarkets were particularly surprising. All the supermarkets I went to provided a paper bag for groceries instead of plastic ones. Considering our great struggle with single-use plastic here in the UK, it’s extraordinary how Austria was able to find another simple environmentally-friendly solution.

In general, I didn’t struggle to find vegan food. The only time I felt a little a bit out of place was when visiting the Schönbrunn Palace, where their food selection isn’t vegan-friendly. However, central Vienna has many delicious places to eat.

Do I think Vienna is vegan-friendly? Yes, it certainly is. Many phenomenal cafes and restaurants keep opening and it’s a city I wished I could visit every month. If you’d like to travel to Vienna rest assured that it is a city where you are very likely to find a great place to eat and where a zero waste lifestyle will fit like a glove.

Keep an eye out for my food diary including some very nice vegan restaurants I visited in Vienna. Coming soon 😊

Have you traveled to Vienna? What did you like most about the city? Let me know in the comment section below!


Sofia x

2 thoughts on “Vegan Travel: Is Vienna Vegan-Friendly?

  1. We often visit Albertina’s exhibitions, it’s a great place. And for me, Vienna is more vegan friendly than gluten-free friendly, it’s bigger problem eat without gluten then to find vegan bistro 🙂


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