New Vegan Food Coming to Pret this Autumn

* Image courtesy of Pret.

If you live or have visited London, you must have heard about Pret A Manger. Pret is a food shop chain based in the UK but you can also find their international shops in France, Hong Kong, US, among others.

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The store started to sell vegan options a few years ago and the response was so great that they opened a veggie branch. Pret has been putting some great vegan options out there and they have just announced even more vegan options coming this autumn.

New Vegan Options

This season’s options include sweet treats and a new hot drink (can you guess it?).

The ones that have been in everyone’s Instagram are the Almond Butter Bites and  Dark Chocolate Salted Almonds. They are chocolate bites filled with almond butter and and dark chocolate with roasted almonds, with a sprinkle of sea salt. They’ll cost £1.45 each.

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New soups include Tuscan Bean and Pea & Mint, which will cost £3.60 each. In addition, a new breakfast option has also been released: a Coconut & Mango Bowl with sliced banana, coconut yogurt, crunchy granola with chunks of mango and pomegranate seeds. The new breakfast bowl will cost £2.99.

And it wouldn’t be autumn without (you guessed it) a Spice Pumpkin Latte! Order your Pumpkin Spice Latte with plant based milk and it’s now vegan. This will cost £2.85 or £2.35 if you order it with your reusable cup.

Vegan High Street Food

Chains such as Pret, Leon and Boots have been well received by vegans across the country and for the good reasons as they’ve been saving us in one of those moments when you have to walk miles to find a vegan restaurant.

It’s such an important part of our life to have access to food and know that when you go out or when you need something to eat at lunch break, you can just walk to the nearest high street food chain and get a soup or a sandwich.

Hannah Dolan, Head of Food Development at Pret told Plant Based News: “Dark Chocolate & Almond Butter cookie (the vegan cookie) has had a big thumbs up from our customers.” I can honestly tell you how happy I was when I read there was going to be a vegan cookie at a high street food shop. Dangerous too, as I have have bought some on my way to work!

She also mentioned they are excited to “introduce more chocolatey and almond butter vegan snacks”. Aren’t we all?

Pret’s new seasonal menu is out this week on the 25th of September.


Sofia x

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