Vegan Travel: Is Prague Vegan-Friendly?

This year, I visited Prague for the first time. I’ve always been told by incredible things about the city. Everyone I know that’s visited was in love with it, which left me with very high expectations. And I’m happy to say that they were met Prague is a unique city. From its culture to architecture, it is a very classic but modern city. Prague’s rich history is noticeable at every corner and, as I found out during my research, a strong vegan industry.

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In the app Happy Cow you’ll find many places to eat around the city. They have restaurants, cafés and even vegan stores that will help uplift your visit. I stayed near a Loving Hut and Lidl supermarket, where it was easy to find some fruits and nuts for snacks.

If you are walking around the city and just decide to pick a random place to eat, it might be hard. Prague is famous for its meat, so make sure you do your research with some time in advance. If you know you’ll be visiting the Prague Castle, for example, which is relatively far from the city centre, check HappyCow to find where to eat.

Vegan's Prague restaurant
Vegan’s Prague restaurant

Two of the restaurants I tried really stood out. A friend recommended me the restaurant Lehkahlava. Just the space and decoration is reason enough to go. The food was delicious and the staff is very nice. The restaurant Vegan’s Prague was found by chance. Their familiar atmosphere was very comfortable and warm. I felt quite at home at their restaurant, and the food was amazing. I had a delicious vegan lasagna and a wonderful beer!

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I found both the city and people of Prague very warm despite the cold weather. Their beer is in fact one of the best in the world and the architecture is stunning. We never had a problem with the language; everyone spoke english and we had a wonderful time. It’s a city well worth a visit and where you’ll never be hungry!

Hope you enjoy Prague!

Sofia x

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