Best 5 Vegan Documentaries to Binge Watch

Ah, the weekend. The most desired time of the week and one that goes by too fast. We’ve all been there. And, if you’re like me, binge-watch some series on Netflix.

Top tips to help you go vegan

As part of my first months of transitioning to vegan, I watched a lot of videos and documentaries. Some of them recommended to me by friends, other by bloggers and Youtubers; but what they have in common is sharing knowledge. Knowledge which can be hard to swallow, however necessary.

Here are some of my favourites that I recommend watching asap.


Conspiracy Documentary

I can’t recommend this enough. I believe this is an important documentary to watch, regardless of your food choices. It educates viewers on the one topic no one really likes to talk about: how the food industry and environmental organisations hide the fact they are part of the environmental problem we have today. An important issue we should all know about.

Watch the trailer here

Forks Over Knives

Forks over knives

To be honest, this wasn’t my favourite documentary but it’s a very interesting subject. It explores how what you eat is directly connected to your health and your diseases. The xxx hoursdocumentary interviews regular people with regular lives and their diseases, as well as doctors who explain how your food has some blame over it. It’s an important topic that many of us already know – many by experience. If you haven’t you should watch it.

Watch the trailer here



I feel like I need to say this documentary has graphic images of animals being abused and killed. If you get impressed easily, please beware. Very much like PETA informational documentation, this documentary exposes the meat and beauty industry in an open fashion. It contains raw, inhuman and let’s be honest, scary images of what happens in the background that big companies don’t like to talk about. If you’re looking for shocking and honest images, this is the show for you.

People making our vegan dreams come true

Disclaimer: I haven’t watched this documentary in full has its images are too shocking for me. I have watched pieces of it that leaves me very upset. I shall continue doing my best to never feed into animal suffering.

Watch the trailer here

Hunger for Change

Hungry for Change

Very much like Forks Over Knifes, this documentary explores the health benefits of eating a plant-based diet. There’s lots of interviews and real-life cases of people who were obese and how their life changed after deciding to eat a plant-based diet. If you have (or are considering to) made the switch to a vegan or plant-based diet because of the health benefits, you’ll definitely like this one.

Watch the trailer here



What would happen if someone interviews people on the street asking if they would change to a vegan diet? What if someone challenges you to be vegan for 6? This is a story of 3 people who took that challenge. We follow their journey and how they react to discovering what it’s like to be a vegan.

Watch the trailer here

Did you watch any of these? What’s your favourite documentary?


Sofia x

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