Vegan Stories: Why I Became Vegan

A year ago I started to feel strange. Something about me wasn’t right. Not that something with my life’s was wrong! I was achieving all my personal and professional objectives. I was happy at home and at work. But somehow, I felt tired, my body was aching and my skin was grey. Until I went on a roadtrip around Cornwall.

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Living in London isn’t something I particularly hate. But I know it’s a polluted, plastic obsessed city, where people run over each other just to get somewhere quicker. With me on the trip to Cornwall was my vegan friend. I watcher her choosing her meals and fighting for something she believes in. She never told me I should go vegan. Instead she told me the good, the bad and the ugly of going vegan. This was a friends trip that got us all closer together, but it was also a turning point for me.

The following month I researched like never before. I’ve always thought about stop eating meat but it wasn’t easy, practical or something I knew how to do. When the sun came with June, I was still feeling tired, grey and unlike me. This was the moment I decided to stop eating meat.

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Slowly, I stopped eating animals. One year later, I can’t believe I didn’t do this earlier. It took some time to get used to the new lifestyle. The star of my meals stopped being chicken and snacking definitely got harder. The first three months were difficult but I’ve never felt better. I knew what I was eating and feeling empowered. My periods got regular, my skin needed less make up and I started to feel energised.

Six months later, I became vegan. The challenges grew but so did the feeling of achievement. One thing I realised is that with knowledge comes action. Once you know what happens to your food before you eat it and where your garbage goes to, you can’t ignore your actions anymore.

For the first 3 months, my body was a bit angry with me. I stopped adding certain foods my body was craving. A few months later, and I started feeling very energised and comfortable in my skin. I still don’t have everything figured out though. There’s still a big road to go through. The beauty of this lifestyle is you’re never finished. You’re always learning and finding new ways to feel better.

Whether you just stopped eating meat or if you’ve been vegetarian and want to take the leap to a animal product free living, take it slow. You’re first impulse will be to change drastically, to change now what you should’ve been doing for years. That might not work for you. Take baby steps and don’t rush it. What matters is you did your research, you know what to do and how to make the switch. Once that’s done, you can slowly start changing your lifestyle and become vegan!

Sofia x

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